jasperstarter by default is missing some important jasper studio builtin libraries


As already reported in http://sourceforge.net/p/jasperstarter/discussion/general/thread/bcdf0910/, where Volker provided a workaround, the default jasperstarter install is missing some jasper studio libraries, related to builtin functions.

A report designed in jasper studio (any version) allow the user easily to use some builtin funcitions like NOW() and DATEFORMAT(), but there are many others, and they make the report easier to build and simpler to understand. Unfortunately, they depend on a specific library (which has another dependence).

WIthout those libraries, .jrxml files will abort with the message "is not a valid jrxml file" which doesn't say much about the cause, but the same report in .jasper format will cleary explain why, like "Error filling reportError evaluating expression :
Source text : "Mytext " + DATEFORMAT($V{today},"EEEEE d MM yyyy")"

The missing library (for 2.2.2, which includes jasper 5.6.1 is
jasperreports-functions-5.6.1.jar, which depends on joda-time-2.1.jar.

As suggested by Volker (see the above link), those libs can't be simply dropped under /lib which already has many similar needed, but using the /jdbc folder works, and putting both jars there make the same report work (both formats) without issues.

I think that they should, if possible, added to the default jasperstarter distribution or at least the website should point user to the right one to use (related to jasper version) on the website install.

Otherwise the program could maybe detect missing libraries and give more meaningful messages, and maybe also the website could guide users to understand this issue and how to solve.

Many thanks for this clever program, though.





Volker Voßkämper
May 26, 2015, 8:03 PM

Hi Marco,

thanks for the new report. I can confirm that using JasperStarter-3.0.0 without jasperreports-functions I get:


I really don't know much about how JasperStarter is used by it's users so I can just guess.
It would be possible to release a JasperStarter-2.2.3 but JasperReports is backward compatible and JasperStarter-3.0.0 does not introduce any command line incompatibility.

If someone really need a fixed JasperStarter-2.2.3 containing JasperReports-5.6.1 please vote for it here or create a new bug.

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Volker Voßkämper


Marco Ardito